Keep Holding On

Keep holding on, will ya?

Life is full of ups and downs.

Some people even use the following picture to illustrate life.

Which is kinda true if you think about it, hey?

Towards the end, I have been telling myself to appreciate each day as it comes.

You know what they say, how you start your morning strongly determines the rest of your day.

It is a conscious choice.

So if you want the rest of your day to be awesome, start your morning with a smile, stride out with confidence and make it awesome.

I have been wanting to apply that thought to my daily life.

Appreciate each day as it comes as each day is a valuable gift to you for being alive.

When your eyes close at night, remind yourself that tomorrow is a day untainted.

Like a brand new, clean, white sheet with nothing on it yet.

Be excited for tomorrow as it is a completely brand new day when you can start anew.


Sometimes, in life, I need to constantly remind myself to keep holding on.

Just keep holding on.

It will get better.

As long as you have a vision, a goal, I’m sure nothing is impossible.

Life might try its very best to bring you down along the way.

You will trip and fall, you will be ridiculed.

That’s what makes life interesting.

It will never make you feel that you are good enough.

Even if you are already making a decent job at something, you will never be able to realize it.

You always want to be better and better.

But at least for those of you who feel that way, you have already started.

You have made the jump.

If you are already in the middle of the road and you feel tired because you are nowhere near your goal, keep holding on.

At least you have started.

You have ambitiously rolled up your sleeves and jumped at the opportunity, at what others might deem as a futile attempt.

But to you, futile as it seemed, you still did it.

You made the jump, even after accounting the risks involved.

And that shows that you are already more courageous than others.

So keep holding on, mate.

Sooner or later, you’ll be there.

If you find that you are never there, you will soon look back at your journey and realize something more important than your initial end point.

As for me,

I have not been able to bring myself for that initial jump.

I need to give myself a gigantic, hard pat on my back and take a leap, hey..



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