Don’t take customers too seriously.

Be it retail customers, or people in general, try not to take them too seriously.

They might be having a bad day, their dog just died or they might have just found out that their husband cheated on them because they are stuck up grandmas who just aren’t able to deliver sexually anymore. 

Whatever their reasons might be, they might not just be feeling it at that particular moment. And you just happened to be right there at, from the looks of it, the wrong timing. So they put on their bitchy faces for you and refused to talk nicely to you.

For example, what happened to me today. 

I realized that a lot of customers refused to shop because my mother wasn’t around. They looked for my mother because they are regular customers of hers. I just happened to be in charge of the store today. So when they refused to shop in the store just because she wasn’t around, there wasn’t much that I could do about it. Too bad, loves. It’s me today.

But the disappointed look on their faces when I told them my mother wasn’t around, how they doubted the prices that I gave them, how they said they’ll just come back when my mom is around, slowly got to my nerves as I started to take things too personally. 

For example, there was this auntie just now who came in to buy some pants. I greeted her politely and everything, but the expression that she put on her face was brutal. She didn’t look at me in the eye when I talked to her and gave me this exasperated look whenever I started talking. When I offered her to sit down or to have a look at the blouses, she pretended that she couldn’t hear me. When she sat down, she turned her back on me and looked somewhere else, refusing to engage in small talks with me. I intended to entertain her because she was waiting for one pair of pants which was to be delivered from my other store and she was old. But when she had her backs on me and refused to look at me or listen to me, I gave up. At one point, she looked at me sceptically and said, “Where’s your boss? Who is she to you? Your mom?”  To which I replied, “Yes, she’s my mom.” And she looked away again.

I am an extremely overly sensitive person. So I have the tendency to take things too personally sometimes. If not, most of the times. Like this auntie, after I confirmed with her that my mother is my mother, I noticed that she gave me this look as if she was saying, “What a nightmare it must be for your mother to have a daughter like you.. Are you sure she’s your mother, you don’t look like her in one bit” or anything ghastly that would basically confirm her irrational dislike towards me.

I tried to brush off my bad feelings after being given such awful faces and attitudes, especially by customers, based on one simple idea i.e. customer is king. So however offended you get, do not show it on your face and still serve them with smiles. But i can’t. I couldn’t bring myself to. I’m transparent. However I feel, gets shown on my face involuntarily. And this is becoming a problem because who I am dealing with most of the time are customers. And I need their money. 

Sometimes I think it must be my face. I don’t have a very nice face. But this is just who I am. I can’t change it. 

What can be changed, is my attitude towards the problem. Hence, I shall learn not to take things too seriously.. 

Even though it’s so so hard.. 


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