Don’t Smile

Earlier this morning, I had to give a warning to one of the workers in my mother’s shop for being late.

It wasn’t mandatory. But since I was sitting behind the counter and my mother wasn’t in yet, I felt that I hold the responsibility to discipline the workers when necessary. 

And this morning, that happened.

Today, the shop opened at 9:30 am. And that girl came in at 10:00 am. I would have let it slide, really. But what drove me to speak up was because when she came into the shop, she did not bother to present herself to me to mention why she was late. I didn’t need an explanation, she could have just casually mentioned she was late because she missed the bus or something, anything. But no, so what she did was, hurriedly walked into the shop, put her bag, and tried to act busy. 

So what I did, in response to that was, I called up her name and asked her to stand before me and explain why she was late. Sounds pretty good so far, right. But this happened.. She was nervous, I could sense fear in her eyes when I called up her name, so when I asked her to explain herself, she looked at me apologetically and said:

“I’m so sorry, I’m having a cold and I had to take medicine last night. That’s why I woke up late this morning I’m so sorry, sorry..”

And much to my bewilderment and frustration after, my first reflex to that was to SMILE and SAY IT’S OK. Like WTH ME!? Couldn’t you have been more stern??? One shan’t smile when one gives out warnings, now! 

But luckily I gathered up myself quite fast and told her not to do it again next time. I then proceeded to explain to her that our shop opens at this time and she should always make sure she is present at that particular time. So this mistake shall not be repeated again the future. She said yes, sorry again and went away.

Problem solved.


Why did I smile??? I should have not bought her excuse and told her off sternly to not do that anymore. But she was so apologetic and I felt bad for her…

But then again, you shouldn’t smile, you stupid idiot! 😡


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