Why is it so hard to find a decent man these days?

I understand that no one is a perfect fit for anyone. There are flaws, imperfections that one needs to deal with in a partner.

And I’m not asking for anything out of the ordinary. I understand there are different combinations to a person. Well, in this case, a guy.

A guy can be full of principles, knows how to lead but hot headed and at times disrespectful towards other people’s opinions. A guy may appear nice, has good manners but lacks drive in life. A guy can be protective, sensitive but doesn’t know how to lead. You see where I’m going?

I understand. I completely understand that there will always be some things that you just need to tolerate when you want to be with someone. It’s more of a compromise kind of thing. Can his good points overshadow his bad points? How do you see him as a person as a whole?

I understand. And I am not asking for someone to be the perfect fit.

But please, guys, show me some decency.

Why is it so hard to find someone who has a kind heart, who is patient enough to get to know me more without throwing judgements, who is willing to see me beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Someone who has no ill intentions and values relationships and friendships at face value. Someone who is not manipulative when they are in pursuit of you. I need someone with a good heart. Because a good heart can bring you places. With a good heart, you can be understanding, you can be patient, you can be caring and nurturing even when you normally are not that kind of person. Because when the circumstances dictate and the relationships have reached a certain point, the compromise is given, not asked.




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