I came, I saw, and was conquered

I came, I saw, and was conquered; never had man more to say, yet can I say nothing; where others go to save their souls, there have I lost mine; … Nothing on earth, madam, can charm, beyond your wit but your beauty: after this not to love you would proclaim me a fool; and to say I did when I thought otherwise would pronounce me a knave; – George Farquhar to Anne Oldfield, Sunday, after Sermon (1699?)


Not believe that I love you?

… – Not believe that I love you? … If you do not believe my tongue, consult my eyes, consult your own. You will find yours that they have charms; by mine that I have a heart which feels them. … a lover’s kiss. For those dear lips shot through my heart, and thro’ my bleeding vitals, delicious poison, and an avoidless but yet a charming ruin. … But Love, almighty Love, seems in a moment to have removed me to a prodigious distance from every object but you alone. … Nothing but you can lay hold of my mind, and that can lay hold of nothing but you. – William Congreve to Mrs Arabella Hunt